Day 2 Activities

Merge Conflict Practice

Depending on how you're interacting with this manual, you may be in a class. The instructor may have set up a repository for you to practice merge conflicts. If this is the case:

  • Every person has their own repository. Each person should fix the merge conflicts in their own repo. It will be called, with username being your actual username.
  • We won't make you turn in your homework, but we will run a script to see if the activities are completed later. :wink:

Work to resolve the merge conflicts in the conflicts repository.

  1. Find your repository. It will be at, where your username is replacing the word USERNAME.
  2. In your repository, navigate to the Pull Requests tab.
  3. There are three open pull requests, and all of them have merge conflicts to fix. We recommend fixing them in this order:
    • Update README
    • Updates to game manual
    • Minor CSS fixes
  4. View the pull request, and follow the steps to resolve the merge conflicts. When the merge conflict is resolved, merge the pull request.

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